Vince Christy

Meet Vince Christy…
When Vince is not Instructing classes at Basic Training Academy, he spends his days working as President and CEO of Alliance Technology Management, a local IT consulting firm based  in Lake County Illinois.

Vince enjoys entrepreneurship, business coaching, public speaking, building relationships, and most outdoor activities. He likes working out to stay healthy and enjoys the many friends he’s made during his BTA tenure. Vince embraces Midwestern family values and believes in working hard and persistence to reach goals in life.

A Carthage College alumni and four year football starter. All Conference CCIW  Tight End 1981.  Enjoys working with people and is very outgoing. Enjoys mentoring athletes and business coaching alike. Vince believes in continuous education and constant improvement.

Is a student of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu “Chaun Fa” and attended Tiger Ridge Kung Fu in Mundelein Il.

Married w/ two children

Inauguration         January 1998
Experience            19 years BTA
Prior                      1 year with  Boot Camp Fitness
Prior                      1 Year with Sergeant’s Program
Current Status      Founder, Instructor

De meaner            Amiable       
Nick Name             Vinny
Favorite Exercise   Saw Mill
Favorite Venue      Old School Forest Preserve