• “I am really happy to be back  I have missed the camaraderie and the fun. I never would have imagined when I signed up for this class last summer that I would still be going and enjoying it so much.  Much of that has to do with the instructors  and of course all the encouragement we all give one another.  I’m not sure why you decided to begin this program, but I am glad you did and that I decided to give it a try”.

    Marilyn R.
    Vernon Hills, IL.
  • “I enjoy the variety I get with Basic Training Academy. It’s never dull and boring. The last thing I want to do is run on a treadmill staring at a TV with only 5 channels, muted. I’d rather be doing something out of the norm. The instructors are great also. They are flexible with all types of people with different fitness levels. I also like the fact that I can bring guests whenever I want. My Wife enjoyed her first experience with BTA. You can’t beat the prices either! Just a “scream at you-drill sergeant” type of trainer would cost you double or triple. The value you get here is very high. Bottom line, I’d highly recommend Basic Training Academy.”

    Keith L.
    Round Lake Beach, IL.
  • “It has been an exciting journey these past six months for me. I never would have thought I could do the things that we have been doing. With your coaching and support and the team effort, I have built up the strength to achieve these goals. I thank you for that and for bringing together a great group of people.”

    Vanessa F.
    Lake Villa, IL.
  • “BTA has helped me shed all those excess pounds thanks to too many pasta bowls…get motivated to work out and stay in shape, helps to work out outdoors as well, as It gets monotonous indoors, especially after being cooped up during our dreadful winters…so here’s a great program to stay in shape, get in shape and keep working out, enjoying them for a change…no more going on some solo routine that would have me quit after a few weeks.”

    Marie B.
    Wadsworth, IL.
  • “Loads of fun!  I really enjoy the group work  outs.  They change the work out routines every class and keep it fresh. Depending on your fitness level, some classes are more challenging than others, and your encouraged to work to your level of fitness. I did the Groupon and the deal is definitely worth it.  They even extended it another month to us for a price that was nearly the same.”

    Lauralea T.
    Waukegan, IL.
  • “Great class!  I signed up initially through Groupon and have renewed twice for more of this great workout. The instructors make every class unique.  You never know from day to day what challenges await you on your fitness journey.  Conquering the sledding hill is never easy, but each time you can feel you are getting better….getting stronger. I will never look at an outdoor park the same again as I now see all the opportunities around me to challenge me mentally and physically. Schedule constraints will force me to take a hiatus from the class for the summer, but I’ll be back in the fall!”

    Michelle B.
    Libertyville, IL.
  • “Instructor Vince, I must say I was apprehensive once I inked the deal to join boot camp. I was wondering what I got myself into. I have to tell you it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions Iv’e made. Thanks for your leadership and efforts to make it so enjoyable despite getting my butt kicked three days per week. Looking to a great season ahead from one Happy Boot-Camper.”

    Dennis S.
    Libertyville, IL.
  • “Even though I am new to BTA’s Mercury program, everyone has made me feel at Home! Thank you so much for the support, encouragement, and all around “FUN” time, while our group works towards bettering our health! It’s an honor to be a part of the Amazing Team that is BTA.”

    Audry W.
    Vernon Hills, IL.
  • “Instructor Vince you have transformed the way I approach exercise. Prior to BTA, I hated exercise. Now, it’s like a drug. You have created a team dynamic that is nearly “in-vince-able” and taught us how the team approach is the secret to our success. The variety of exercises and your humor are the key to your success as leader of BTA.”

    Winthrop Harbor, IL.
  • “Instructor Vince, the only guy I let yell at me… On a serious note- Thank you for coaching me when I need to be coached, pushing me when I need to be pushed, challenging me when I need to be challenged, and congratulating me when I do a good job. You do a great thing for us and we appreciate you creating a fun and exhausting time!”

    Jen R.
    Vernon Hills, IL.
  • I am so happy I joined Basic Training Academy (BTA). It has been a wonderful experience where I have been able to gain strength and endurance! BTA makes exercise fun & a positive experience with our entire fellow “boot-campers”! For years I have exercised in different locations and with different classes. BTA’s boot-camp has been the most beneficial for my physical & mental health. Getting outside in nature and doing things I never thought I could has given me the tools for healthier living overall. Thank you for being an awesome motivator.”

    Susy G.
    Libertyville, IL.
  • “You have helped me understand what I am truly capable of. You have managed to take a group of strangers and create an environment that has allowed us to become a group of friends.”

    Maureen P.
    Libertyville, IL.
  • “Instructor Vince, in less than a year you have literally changed my life. You have helped me to find fitness and to love it, and thanks to you I now have the energy and strength to enjoy my life and my family more than ever! I am very grateful to have gained you as a friend, as well as many fellow “boot-campers” in my life. Wish you only the best, stay healthy, happy, and keep preaching brotha!”

    Eugene K.
    Vernon Hills, IL.