What kind of exercises do we do?
We do many of the basics including push ups, crunches, and jumping jacks. Since we workout in a forest preserve or park setting, everything we do is on the grass, hills, trails, and park benches. Naturally, during the winter months we are usually inside on mats.


Are the exercises difficult to do?
Not at all. We are more concerned with showing you easy to moderate exercises so you can do several. You will be introduced to more challenging exercises based on your progress and as you become stronger.


What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring two water bottles. One for during class and the other for right after class and on your trek home. you will also need to bring a face towel. Bring some bug spray or skin lotion during the warmer months when we are outdoors.


What should I wear?
We suggest you wear shorts with tight fitting Lycra pants underneath or long legged sweats and a heavy grade T-shirt. It is important to wear the proper men's or women's sports underwear for complete comfort. You will also want to make sure you wear a good pair of running shoes.


What if it rains?
We meet rain or shine.
If by chance we do have to cancel class due to severe impending weather, you will be notified.


Can I bring a guest to try out the program before they join?
Yes. All we ask is that they provide us with their basic information and sign our waiver.


What if I'm really out of shape?
You won't be alone. More importantly, we will work with you to gradually increase your resistance and endurance making your time with us pleasurable not miserable.


What are the instructors credentials?
All of our instructors are NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers) certified or are in the process of being certified. Some are also ACE certified. All of our current Instructors have been with the Basic Training Academy for a minmum of twelve years. During this time they have worked with hundreds of people to reach their health and fitness goals.


Will I lose weight?
At first you will lose size! It's not the weight that's the issue. It is your body chemistry and composition that's important here. You will burn fat, but gain muscle. Remember muscle weighs three times as much as fat. Results vary due to such things as diet, sleep habits, and work environments like sitting at a desk all day. Next, the weight will come off and the new you will emerge.


How long does it take before I see results?
Results vary and depends entirely on you developing new habits. Your new workout habits will take approximately 21 days to take hold and become automatic. We typically see  terrific measurable results in 30 – 90 days. Keep in mind that poor nutrition and eating habits while attending our workouts will greatly effect your outcome.


How long are the classes?
Classes are generally 1 hour in duration and depending on the day and event (some Saturdays) can be up to 1.5 hours.


Should I warm up before class?
It's always a good idea to warm up before class. Coming early will provide you the time to do so. Many members come early to work on stretches and flexibility prior to class.


What if I'm late to class?
It is important to be on time so you don't miss anything. We realize sometimes things do happen outside of your control and we simply ask to prepare as best you can.
It is important to try to be at class at least 15 minutes early to warm up and get your self mentally prepared. Showing up 2 minutes before class is frowned upon.


Do we do the same things in every class?
Classes are designed for variety so you'll never get bored.


Will instructors yell, scream, and get in my face like Marine Drill Instructors?
Our dedicated instructors provide only positive feedback to help and motivate you in a positive way to work hard and do your best.


What if a workout location is no longer offered?
In the event that a workout location has changed, it is usually due to lack of participation. The Basic Training Academy reserves the right to change locations when the minimum number of participants is not reached. In such cases, The Basic Training Academy will accommodate participants affected through either a refund, different location, or additional classes at no charge.


What about measuring my progress?
We test your progress the first Saturday of every month for all classes at 8:00am at our Old School Forest Preserve location. Exceptions include Holidays, or potential facility closings due to inclement weather. You will be notified prior to such exceptions. Testing provides the results and valuable feedback to help keep you motivated.


Do you offer any additional services to help me achieve my health and fitness goals?
Yes, we offer our very own signature service called AZPAC. AZPAC stands for A to Z Physical Assessment Consultation. Essentially, we help you take your commitment to being healthy to the next level. Talk to your instructor for details.


Is there an early cancelation policy?
Yes, If you have to withdraw for any reason from one of our term agreement programs, we simply ask that you pay the difference for the term program you have completed.